Cutting-Edge Technology

Wireless Charging Laser Equipment

Wireless Charging

Wireless Charging Racks are a LaserBlast exclusive innovative solution to simplify the operation of your laser tag attraction and save on long-term costs.

No Connectors Required

Employees often miss a few connectors if they have to plug in a large number of vests, leading to lost revenue the following day while the forgotten vests are recharging. Additionally, cables can be broken by careless employees, resulting in even more down time.

Extend Battery Life

Automatically electronically disconnect the battery when full. The vest runs without wearing the battery while it is on the rack, reducing the number of charge and discharge cycles used by your batteries. This will allow you to use your batteries for a longer period of time.

Top Off Between Games

Automatic trickle charging means that your batteries will have a longer useful service life.

Save Time

Your employees will have to spend around 30 minutes a day plugging and unplugging batteries with other systems.

Aesthetically Awesome

The racks add an awesome glowing effect to your vesting room to impress your guests before they even enter the arena.

Magnetic Latch Laser Tag Pack

Magnetic Latch

The CyberBlast magnetic latch simplifies vesting and de-vesting at the end of each game, reducing turnover time and allowing you to run games more often. The vest is normally equipped side-to-side, like a jacket, without using the side clips. Alternatively, the vest can be equipped over the head using the side clips.

Rubber Overmold

The CyberBlast Phaser is covered in a rubber overmold, creating an awesome two-tone appearance. The overmold also adds another layer of protection for the electronics inside from your most energetic players.

Rubber Overmold Laser Tag Phaser

Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries

CyberBlast uses an internally mounted Lithium Iron Phosphate(LFP) battery. LFP is a relatively new battery type that offers the best available cycle life, and improved safety over other Lithium Ion batteries. The battery will last 20 hours without topping-off, and maintains that life longer than other chemstries like typical Lithium Ion & NiMH. Combined with LaserBlast's award-winning Wireless Charging, CyberBlast vests can play all day & all night.

Rubber Overmold Laser Tag Phaser

Hybrid Phaser Cord

Coiled Cords, Air hoses, Telephone Cords, many types of cords have been used in laser tag over the years. After consulting with the military-grade cable manufacturers in the United States, LaserBlast designed a custom Cat5 cable with a thick outer jacket. The strain reliefs on each end are also molded on instead of fastened in place. The end result is a hybrid cable more durable than retractable coiled designs, and more comfortable than screw-on air-hose designs.

Rubber Overmold Laser Tag Phaser