The Phaser

Entry-Level Laser Tag Systems

Futuristic Style

The Phaser design was based on futuristic curves and features a sleek rubber cover to accent its appearance. 15 Intuitive LEDs The LEDs on the front handle glow red to let you know when you ar not holding the phaser properly. Two LEDs on the front of the phaser display a white flash when the phaser is fired. The rest of the LEDs flash through appealing patterns in your team color. CyberBlast Phaser Detail

Hit Sensors

The phaser includes three sensors, including one aiming directly alongside the laser ensure that players cannot cover their sensors. The phaser was designed to be gripped comfortably and ensure a fair game. The phaser case is widened near the grip to prevent players from covering their front sensor.

Vibrating Grip

The rear handle vibrates briefly when you pull the trigger and for a few seconds when you are tagged in the phaser for an immersive effect that is taken for granted in modern videogames.

Angled Color LCD

The 45° angled rear-facing display shows game information like ranking, points, shots left, lives left and codename in a 40 character format at the perfect angle for easy viewing. The display changes color to indicate the packs state:

  • Red -- The phaser is not being held properly
  • Green -- All systems go, you are ready to tag
  • Blue -- The vest is currently deactivated, find some cover