The Phaser

Mobile Laser Tag Systems

CyberBlast Phaser is our lightest weight laser tag system at 2 pounds per phaser. A 10 player system can be contained in a single carrying case complete with a mini-computer and 22" touchscreen monitor. The system is most often used for portable laser tag events and temporary installations.


The most striking feature of the CyberBlast Phaser system is its futuristic style that stands apart from every other laser tag system. Not only does the rubber cover look great, it also handles better than older polycarbonate-only shells.

Durability & Longevity

CyberBlast uses field-proven LaserBlast optics, triggers, and shock isolation. Nine mounting bosses and strengthening ribs ensure a long-lasting phaser case. The rubber cover absorbs impact,providing another layer of protection for the electronics inside.

The latest advance in battery technology is used in the CyberBlast Phaser system. A LiFeP battery provides a more stable chemistry than ordinary Lithium Ion, while delivering 16 hours+ of life on a single charge and 2000 charge/discharge cycles (over 6 years at 300 cycles per year) before wearing out. Other chemistries like ordinary Li-Ion wear out after 600-1000 cycles (2-3 years).


The 2-watt multi-voice speaker allows multiple sound effects to be played at once, so you don't miss out on critical updates throughout the game.

A pico-vibrator is mounted in the grip of the phaser, providing tactile feedback when the trigger is pulled and when you are tagged.

The RGB LCD shows your rank, score, shots remaining, and other information throughout the game. Angled at 45 degrees, the screen can be read quickly so you can get back in the action. Extra thick rubber bumpers surround the LCD preventing damage to the most sensitive part in the phaser.

CyberBlast Details


The touchscreen monitor doubles as an animated scoreboard to display real-time detailed game updates. Statistics such as rank, score, accuracy, number of tags, and number of times tagged are displayed in an attractive animated package. An external monitor can be used instead if you would prefer a big screen display.

Laser Tag Scoreboard