System Applications

Mobile Laser Tag Systems

Mobile Party Rental

Most CyberBlast Phaser Operators use the system in combination with an inflatable arena or inflatable bunkers to deliver a premium laser tag experience to a corporate or personal party. For mobile use a fiber case is available that contains the entire system, with a 22" monitor, mini-computer and ten phasers in a durable wheeled case. Some operators bring the full arena laser tag experience to the customer's location, complete with black lights, professional audio system, fog/haze machine, and special effects. Our representatives can help you source these items individually, or you can purchase an all-inclusive package from Inflatable 2000 to pair with our CyberBlast Phaser system.

Mini Laser Tag Addition

Some operators use the CyberBlast Phaser system as an entry-level fixed attraction, most often as an addition to a bounce house, skating rink, or any other family entertainment center with a young target market. For this use, we offer packages that include an attractive mounting rack to hold up to 20 phasers, and mount the touchscreen monitor. This type of attraction typically fits in 800-1500 Square Feet and uses additional options such as targets and bases to create a more interactive experience and encourage repeat play.

Target Gallery & Special Applications

The CyberBlast Phaser System's unique combination of all-day battery life, light weight, and cordless design also lends itself to use in target galleries, dark rides, and other unique attractions. Targets can be placed inside of theme pieces in your lobby, in a dedicated area, or even in your laser tag arena to be tagged from an observation deck. Players can tag the targets & set off dmx-controlled effects, flash a light pattern, play a sound effect and accumulate points as an extra attraction with a minimal footprint.
Some clients have also used the system as the foundation for a dark ride, scattering hundreds of targets along a running track for players to tag as the car passes through. The CyberBlast Phaser system was designed to be very fleixble so that it can fit a wide variety of needs without additional development expense.