Game Formats

Mobile Laser Tag Systems

Team Play

The standard team game is still the most frequently played format. Divide into up to 4 teams with unique operator-selectable colors. Work together to earn points by tagging your opponents and targets in the arena.

Solo Play (Free For All)

The solo game is most fun when fewer players are participating. Its every player for themselves, tag everyone you see as well as the targets in the arenea.We recommend playing the solo game instead of team if fewer than 6 players are in the game, otherwise players will have a hard time finding opponents to tag.


A special game that can be played as team or solo. One player is randomly selected to be the rabbit, indicated by their center lights flashing white in an accelarated pattern. The rabbit earns bonus points every second so make sure to tag them quickly to take those points for yourself. Rabbit is a favorite format for groups who have alreaday played a few games and want more variety.


A team or solo game in which each player has limited lives. Once your lives run out, the game is over. Be the last player standing to win.


A solo game in which one player is dracula while all other players begin as human. After being hit by dracula, you become a vampire. Bonus points are awarded to all remaining humans every few seconds, and a large bonus is awarded to the last one standing.


A team or solo game in which players begin with a standard phaser. After tagging 3 players in a row, an upgraded blaster is awarded until the player is hit again.


The objective of the discovery game format is to be the first player to tag every target in the arena. A large bonus is awarded for finding all of the targets first.

Configurable Options

Within each of these game formats there are a number of options that can be changed, including: lives, shot rate, rapid fire, deactivation time, points per tag, points per target, friendly fire, game length, hide time, and safety sensor.