System Options

Mobile Laser Tag Systems

The CyberBlast Phaser system is typically used for portable applications, however it can also be used as a low-cost fixed attraction to reach a younger target audience. If you would like to use CyberBlast Phaser in a fixed attraction, several options are available to improve the game experience.

Interactive Targets

Laser Tag Target
Bright RGB targets improve the playability of your arena, particularly in games with fewer players. The targets award bonus points each time they are tagged. The targets can be programmed to flash any color of your choosing and play a sound effect over your arena sound system whenever they are tagged. One base is required to power an unlimited number of targets. The targets are connected with pre-crimped cables, so that individual power outlets are not required for each target in the arena.


Laser Tag Base

The CyberBlast base is packed with 50 RGB LEDs for an impressive lighting effect that matches the base's team color. The base encourages teamwork, and makes new game formats possible. In a standard team game, you are awarded 1,500 points for destroying the opposing base. The base also makes the king of the hill game format possible. A speaker is included in the base, which can play sound effects locally, or over the arena speakers.

Display Rack

Laser Tag Display Rack

The LED-lit display rack holds up to 24 phasers, and their chargers in an attractive case constructed of thick ABS plastic and wood. A single leg of the case can be purchased instead, holding up to 12 phasers in a very small footprint.