System Features

Entry-Level Laser Tag Systems

Animated Scoreboard

CyberBlast displays game details on a separate 1080p monitor. Rank, score, accuracy, tag ratio, and status are all displayed in real-time. Depending on the game type, award icons may appear next to each player. For instance, in capture the flag, a flag icon will appear next to the player who is carrying the flag.

Animated Laser Tag Scoreboard


The CyberBlast software uses a native background Windows app to integrate adrenaline-pumping music with game sound effects. A library of royalty-free MP3s is included with your CyberBlast system, but you can also add any music you would like to the CyberBlast Media Library. CyberBlast can play your music in randomized order or in sequence.

Owner Reports

Independent owner reports provide a means to reconcile your Point of Sale cash reports with actual games played. Employees are less likely to give away free games when they know they will be held accountable. Without this reconciliation process, employees may be tempted to give away free games to their friends. CyberBlast Owner Reports can be filtered by game type, date range, length, time, number of players, number of players, and whether the game was aborted or completed. Export to excel or csv makes it easy to get exactly the information you need.


Each Base is equipped with a DMX out port, which can connect to up to 512 channels of DMX devices. Automate your fog levels, trigger impressive lighting effects, and make your arena truly interactive.

Player Name Editor

Make as many player name lists as you like, selecting unique code names and colors. Some operators allow each customer to pick their own codename. RGB color mixing allows for millions of color combinations.

Team Name Editor

Customize the name and color for each of up to 8 teams. In team game formats, the team color will override the color in the Player Name Editor.