System Options

Base Stations

The CyberBlast Base

The Base is the focus of the standard team game format, and also allows for extra game formats like Capture the Flag, Domination, and Respawn. Our Base looks great on its own and also fits into most Base structures provided by theming companies.

CyberBlast Laser Tag Element

The Element

"Elements are large targets with several flexible interactive features for both standard party games and complex games for your dedicated players. You can tag an element or touch an element to trigger a game effect. Elements can be configured to deactivate a cyber gate, zap nearby opponents, or recharge your lives. Each element is equipped with a local speaker & amplifier. Depending on its configuration, the element will play an appropriate sound. A mine element plays an explosion sound, a recharge element plays a power-up sound, or an element used to deactivate a laser gate plays a whirring deactivation sound. Equipping your arena with several elements makes new game formats possible, like Domination and Solo Ball. Touching an Element can activate any DMX effect to bring your theme to life. Usually this effect is a fog burst, a flood light, or a strobe light, but premium arenas can trigger animatronic effects as well."

CyberBlast Interactive Laser Tag Gate

The Cyber Gate

The Cyber Gate is a resilient base defense or access restriction. An IR & LED curtain cover an archway, shutting down opposing players who pass through while it is armed. When it is disarmed, the gate glows green and awards a small bonus. The gate is typically used to block strategic access points to base areas, or higher ground.

CyberBlast Target


Smaller devices are available without audio playback or a capacitive touch sensor. These targets are perfect if you only need a flashing target that scores points and triggers a DMX lighting & sound effect.

Wireless Charging Racks

Wireless charging is a LaserBlast-exclusive innovation that has made life much easier for laser tag operators. Magnetic coils charge the vests without contacts or connectors. With other systems, hourly employees are prone to carelessly breaking connectors, or forgetting to plug vests in overnight.

Wireless Charging Laser Tag

Lighted Racks

For our European customers, we still offer brilliant LED vest racks that will add an impressive element to your briefing room, without the wireless charging coils. The Wireless Charging Racks are not yet approved for European delivery.