The Vest

Entry-Level Laser Tag Systems

Futuristic Style

The vest features 51 RGB LEDs to show a dazzling array of patterns so each game action is accompanied by its own impressive effect. Mix your own colors for up to eight teams at a time. The CyberBlast vest is loaded with the latest technology including Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries, magnetic vest latches, and rubber overmolding.

CyberBlast Vest

Accent Lights

Three accent circles clearly show the vest status. For example, in a capture the flag game, the accent circles rotate and shows the color of the flag that you are carrying. In Role-based games, the accent color displays your role, making it easier to identify the VIP, the engineer, the sniper, etc.

Magnetic Latch

A Magnetic latch in the center snaps into place without old-fashioned buckles, beginning your out-of-this world experience right in the vesting room.

Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) Battery

CyberBlast uses an internally mounted LFP battery. LFP is a relatively new battery type that offers the best available cycle life, and improved safety over other Lithium Ion batteries. The battery will last 20 hours without topping-off, and maintains that life 2-3 times longer than other chemstries like typical Lithium Ion & NiMH. Combined with LaserBlast's award-winning Wireless Charging, CyberBlast vests can play all day & all night.

Rubber Shoulder Pads

Flexible rubber shoulder pads conform to your shoulders and allow the vest to hang naturally on players of all sizes.

Excellent Audio

Twin Shoulder-Mounted 2-watt, 4-channel speakers provide clear audio just inches from your ears so sound effects can easily cut through the noisy arena environment. Four-channel audio means a game announcement, shot sound, hit sound, and good shot sound all play at once with no annoying audio lag.


The vest weighs 4.5 pounds with battery included, placing the total vest & phaser weight at 6 pounds. A discrete extra strap at the top of the vest is included to improve the vests' fit on smaller children without comprimising its fit on adult players.