Game Options

Entry-Level Laser Tag Systems

Team or Free For All

We generally recommend the team format for games with 8+ Players. For games with fewer than 8 players, it is usually best to play Solo(Free-For-All) to ensure that players can find enough opponents to keep the game interesting. In most arenas, players will have difficulty finding an opponent during a 4 on 4 game.

Special Powerups

FunBlast offers two special types of powerups to add some variety to the game. Customize the number of Photons and Shields available to each player. A photon is a wide-angle shot that tags everyone in front of you for 3 seconds with no need for precision aiming. A shield makes you invulnerable for 8 seconds, while you can still tag your opponents.

Game Length

Choose the length of your game in minutes, from 1 to 59.

Safety Sensor

Choose whether to require 2-hands on the phaser. Most operators require 2 hands to prevent players from swinging their phaser around corners, which can cause injury to another player.

Rapid Fire

Rapid fire on allows each player to fire their laser unlimited times with only one trigger pull. Rapid fire off only fires a single shot for each trigger pull.