System Options

Entry-Level Laser Tag Systems

Several system options are available to enhance the FunBlast game experience.

Video Converter

The video converter is a great option for FunBlast systems used in fixed locations. Simply attach any 720p monitor to the converter, and your players will see their scores as soon as they exit the arena. Other guests such as parents, friends, and family can monitor the game from the lobby.

Base Stations

Base stations are a great way to encourage teamwork, as players must work together to defend to their base and destroy the opponents base.


Targets can be added to the FunBlast system to trigger lighting effects. The targets include a relay switch and standard 110V outlet. Attach an effect like a strobe light or a disco light and watch it flash when the target is tagged. In FunBlast, the targets do not award points when tagged.

Wireless Charging

Wireless charging is a LaserBlast-exclusive innovation that has made life much easier for laser tag operators. Magnetic coils charge the vests without contacts or connectors. With other systems, hourly employees are prone to carelessly breaking connectors, or forgetting to plug vests in overnight.
Wireless Charging

Lighted Vest Racks

For our European customers, we still offer brilliant LED vest racks that will add an impressive element to your briefing room, without the wireless charging coils. The Wireless Charging Racks are not yet approved for European delivery.

Custom Names

FunBlast includes its own set of memorable codenames. You can choose your own custom set of names to match your theme at the time of order.


An included Epson TM-V prints mini-scorecards that provide a game summary for each player within a minute of the game's end. No inks, laser cartridges, or score sheet templates required, just insert readily available thermal paper.