The Vest

Entry-Level Laser Tag Systems

The FunBlast Vest & Phaser is rugged and designed for the harsh laser tag environment. The system uses the same vest and phaser as our HyperBlast system, so you can later upgrade your system if you find that you need more advanced features & game types.
Each vest features 12 hit sensors to ensure that a hit is recorded each time you are tagged. Good hit coverage is important to ensure that every hit is counted accurately.

The Cases

Our cases are constructed of 4mil polycarbonate molded in the Midwest. The cases have proven to be extremely durable, even in the hands of an energetic child.

Phaser-Vest Cable

The Phaser-Vest cable is the most critical data link the system, as it naturally takes more abuse than any other connection without a solid vest to reinforce it. Not only do we support the cable with an extra fabric strap, we also use a unique hybrid cable that combines the best features of the 'air hose' style cables and 'telephone coils' that are used by the competition. The cable is flexible and allows players of all sizes to comfortably hold the equipment, but still uses shielding, redundant wires, and a thick rubber jacket to protect this most important data connection.

FunBlast / HyperBlast Laser Tag Vest

The Battery

FunBlast uses a NiMH battery pack with 50,000-cycle rated Hypertronics connectors. At a typical duty cycle, the batteries last 16 hours. We construct each battery pack with a protective metal plate and a thermistor to ensure the battery lasts to its full potential. A lot of misinformation is spread on the internet about battery technology, particularly the 'memory effect' and how it relates to battery cycle life. For a full comparison of the different types of batteries and their life, longevity, memory susceptibility, and safety, click here.