Getting Started

Construction & Theming

Building an exciting arena with eye-catching designs is among the most important factors in the success of any laser tag center. The arena by itself must be a memorable experience for your guests. The two most frequently chosen options are to buy an arena from a theming company, or build-your-own arena with design assistance from Laser-Blast.

If you choose to construct your own arena, LaserBlast will provide a fun, functional, and competitive layout tailored to your available space using our 3D modeling software and extensive experience. This is the least expensive option and tends to make sense for smaller markets. You will be provided with an arena package, including partition layouts & details, electrical requirements, and suggested audio / special effects. We still recommend having the arena themed or painted by a professional. We can recommend an experienced laser tag artist, or you can hire a local artist.

Click here to view a sample layout package Layout Cover Page

For more populated areas that can support a larger initial investment, we recommend working with a professional theming company that specializes in laser tag environments. Working with an experienced construction company ensures your arena will be safe, durable, and impressive to keep players coming back. In addition to standard wood & barrel partitions, these arenas typically also include unique elements to match your theme, base structures, archways and more. We have worked with several theming companies over the years who can help with your project. Contact a LaserBlast representative for contacts and more information on these companies.