The Phaser

The HyperBlast Phaser is designed with several features to ensure reliable and accurate tagging, and communicate information to the player throughout the game.

Detailed HyperBlast Phaser


LaserBlast uses a proprietary computer-aided process to align each laser to its corresponding IR beam permanently and accurately. Some other companies rely on slotted plastic guides, hot glue, reverse-IR technology, or a pin-point laser without any IR at all. Reliable and accurate tagging is crucial to the success of your center. For a thorough explanation of the available technologies, click here (link to tagging technology page).


HyperBlast uses a 2-watt 57mm speaker to provide updates in-game. Effects include a 'nice shot' sound when you have tagged another player, a 'new ranking' sound when your rank has changed, a deactivation sound, and a laser shot sound.


The HyperBlast Phaser includes a 32-character LCD carefully angled at 45 degrees, so that it can be viewed without the need to look away from the game action. This display updates players with their ranking, as well as showing which player tagged them, and who they tagged. After you've been hit, the LCD will count down the seconds until reactivation, so you know exactly when you will be back in the action.