System Features

Entry-Level Laser Tag Systems

HyperBlast provides all of the essential features to a great laser tag experience: game & role editor, brilliant vest racks, interactive bases and targets, an HDMI output for a scoreboard, detailed scorecards, mp3 control and game announcements.


The HyperBlast system includes an HDMI output from the main computer. Simply attach any 720p monitor to the converter, and your players will see their scores as soon as they exit the arena. Other guests such as parents, friends, and family can monitor the game from the lobby. Using an HDMI splitter, multiple monitors can be attached and placed in party rooms, the lobby, or even inside the arena.

Laser Game Scoreboard

Score sheets

HyperBlast provides detailed scorecards designed to be printed in a vertical format on A5 sheets, or 2 per sheet on standard letter-sized sheets. The basic information that new players will want is provided as well as a surplus of details to satisfy the most curious players. A template is provided, leaving plenty of space for branding and specific promotions. (Insert Sample Scorecard)

Audio Control

The HyperBlast computer features a built-in mp3 player that starts and stops with your game, simultaneously reducing the music volume for automatic game announcements. 45 Royalty-free tracks are included with the system, and you can also add your own mp3 tracks. The computer also plays sound effects throughout the game as the action unfolds. Customizable timed announcements are also available.