Lake George Lanes & Games

Project Info

The Lake George Lanes & Games arena is themed as a colonial fort, inspired by historic nearby forts. The CyberBlast system installed in Lake George Lanes & Games features an array of interactive devices, including Base Stations, Laser Gates, Cyber Elements, and Targets. The laser gates scan a laser across the entrance to the top of the fort. Any player who walks through the gate while its active is unable to tag for 15 seconds. An alarm sounds over the arena when the lasers become active. After 30 seconds, the gates deactivate, allowing players to enter the top of the fort. The Cyber Elements are multi-purpose touch-sensitive devices mounted on the cannons within the fort. Touching the sensor activates a strobe light and plays a cannonball sound effect giving some extra realism to the colonial fort.

One of the game types unique to Lake George Lanes & Games is Search and Destroy. In this game a target color is chosen every minute. 4 of the targets installed around the arena light up this color, and award a bonus to the first player to find them before time runs out. This game format was developed to make the gameplay fun during less busy periods, by allowing players to work against the arena, instead of just each other.

The sentries game type allows players to fight against defensive sentries in the arena. The Cyber Elements glow red and fire at players as they walk by. Players can shut the sentries down temporarily by tagging them, giving them a chance to move past. Base stations are fixed inside of bee hives in the forest section of the arena. The bases are used in more advanced game formats that return players like to play once they�ve mastered the basic laser tag gameplay. The most popular Base-oriented game types are King of the Hill and Capture the flag, inspired by online games.

In the Capture the Flag format, players work together to tag the opposing base station and return to their own. Get tagged while carrying the flag and it resets, requiring you to take it from the opponents� base again. Players can pass the flag to another teammate to get past the open areas in the forest.

The CyberBlast system also features industry-exclusive wireless charging racks, which makes operating the system much easier. The vests are powered through inductive charging coils built into each shoulder throughout the day, ensuring that batteries are always charged. No connectors or cords are required for a hassle-free operation.

Project Details

  • CyberBlast
  • Bowling Entertainment Center
  • Studio41B Arena
  • Lake George, NY