Laser Quest

Project Info

LaserBlast is proud to announce the installation of its first system in Spain. Laser Quest Cafe opened with a top-end CyberBlast system, including dozens of interactive targets, elements, and a power-packed stargate. The stargate is 12' tall and 12' wide, towering over the center of the arena. As players approach the active gate, it glows red and sounds an alarm. Any players who pass through before the switch has been flipped are deactivated for 15 seconds and hit with a penalty.

At Laser Quest Cafe the principal attraction is laser tag, although the site also features a sprawling cafe, full kitchen and bar. Instead of traditional luminescent paint, printed decals were used to provide more control over the futuristic theme.

Laser Quests' CyberBlast system features dozens of unique game formats to satisfy everyone from a first time player to a seasoned veteran. Domination, King of the Hill, VIP, and Capture the Flag are the most popular formats, taking advantage of the wide variety of interactive devices in the arena.

Project Details

  • CyberBlast
  • Laser Cafe
  • El Taller de Piņero Arena
  • Valencia, Spain