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Laser Tag Game

Laser tag is a thrilling action packed game for the whole family. Suit up with your futuristic laser vest and enter the special-effect filled arena. Blast your opponents as you make your way into the labyrinth, but stay alert for the traps that await.
Stay with your team and control the arena, or be the stoic action hero; which role will you play?

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Laser tag appeals to a wide range of customers, helping it become a mainstay in FECs around the world over the past 30 years.
Reasonable investment: the cost of a typical laser tag addition ranges from $100,000 to $250,000.
Quick ROI: Initial investment has typically been returned in 6-12 months.

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We are a manufacturing and software engineering company located in Plymouth, Michigan. We specialize in laser tag systems, laser mazes and customized projects. We offer solutions integral to the success of our clients. We are here to help with every step from planning to tagging.

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Our Laser Tag Systems

CyberBlast Phaser Laser Tag Equipment

CyberBlast Phaser is our most portable laser tag system with no vest required. Minimal equipment requirements for easy portability and low startup costs.

  • Mobile Party Rental
  • Not for Profit Groups & Recreation Centers
  • Mini-Laser Tag (<1000 Square feet) 5000000 $ Per system

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FunBlast Laser Tag Pack

FunBlast is optimized for simple and intuitive operation. Costs are lowered by removing the computer and simplifying installation. Thermal scoresheet printer and scoreboard output are included.

  • Small laser tag addition
  • Mobile party rentals
  • Entry-level laser tag with an easy upgrade path

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HyperBlast Laser Tag Pack

HyperBlast is a rugged, field-proven system, best known for its durability. HyperBlast offers features demanded of a successful & efficient laser tag attraction: game format variety, detailed scorecards, scoreboard, automated music control, and one-button operation.

  • Medium laser tag additions
  • Stand-alone laser tag in small markets

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CyberBlast Laser Tag Pack

CyberBlast is the most advanced laser tag system on the market. New game formats are included such as Oddball, Domination, King of the Hill, and Progressive Elimination. Loaded with the latest technology:

  • Protective rubber overmold
  • Intuitive magnetic latch
  • High-longevity batteries

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